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As an architect, I turn for inspiration both to the functionalist tradition and the architectural cultures of the past.

I believe buildings should please our minds and senses, like works of art and craft objects.

I believe buildings should serve our  intentions, like tools and machines.

I have years of experience as a construction manager and always pursue design solutions with an eye on economy, durability and efficiency of time and resources.

Every project is a collaboration.  Design emerges.


My most important formative experience was at Peter Gluck & Partners, an architecture firm that also builds their own designs. I worked there for four years primarily as a construction manager on a complex modern house in New Canaan, CT and as a designer on a house in Aspen, CO. Before that I had the good fortune to work for Andrew Berman Architect on Whitespace Studios, a minimalist photo studio on 37th street in New York City.

I graduated from the Yale School of Architecture in 1994.


2004-now Mark Dixon Architect
2000-2004 Peter Gluck & Partners
1999-2000 Francois DeMenil Architect
1997-1999 Andrew Berman Architect
1996-1997 Kliment Halsband Architects
1995-1996 George Ranalli Architect
1994-1995 Meyer & Gifford Architects
1991-1994 Yale School of Architecture
1990-1991 David Kenneth Specter & Associates
1986-1990 Harvard University